Migrating from TFVC to Git

Git: Setup Beyond Compare as Difftool and Mergetool

Change config file

Depending on your Git setup (mines Git for Windows). You’ll need to locate your .gitconfig file (mine’s %userpath%/.gitconfig and make the necessary changes below.

Note that the “prompt = false” stops the Y/N prompt for each difftool file compare in the set. Can also be added as git config –global –add difftool.prompt false read more

Git, Docker and CR/LF world of pain.


As part of a project myself and a colleague were about to commence work on he’d created a docker image of a lightweight Linux image serving SFTP endpoints to replicate the Dev eco system. It was working like a dream. We were setting up and tearing down the containers happily until we checked out the docker files on my machine and that’s where the fun started…..

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Using Deploy Keys with TeamCity and Git

Had a number of TeamCity projects connecting to the Git repo using my user account.  Was thinking I should really request for service accounts to do the connection.  This becomes a pain when I change my user password as I have to remember to go in to TeamCity and Octopus Deploy to update the passwords on anything using my user account. Really bad practice! read more