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Forest Holidays Keldy

Having been to Keldy before (my Forest Holiday Keldy review) I was pleasantly surprised when we won a weekend holiday to one of their Forest Holiday locations. Given a choice of where in the UK to go I decided on Keldy as I’d been to this location before and really enjoyed it.

Forest Holiday Silver Birch Cabin Review

This time around we were in the Silver Birch cabin. We’d usually stay in a Golden Oak but there was much of a difference really. I guess the slight snag and thing to be aware of is that the fridge and freezer are combined. I’d find it difficult to store away an entire week’s worth of food in them. Aside from that there wasn’t much noticeable difference between the cabins.

Cabin Availability & Location

Keldy is located in the North Yorkshire Moors and another forest holiday site Cropton is located nearby. Cropton is walkable and has a larger outside dining area. I prefer the look of the Keldy site compared with Cropton but I guess it’s personal taste on what you want. We managed to grab the last cabin on the site this being the first week of being able to holiday again out of lockdown.

The cabin is a “Silver Birch” pet friendly cabin. One thing to bear in mind that if you book a pet friendly cabin and you don’t have pets expect a fair bit of ambient noise in the morning when the cabins around you with pets will let their dog out on a morning etc. Didn’t bother us but worth considering when booking.

Every day you could see deer from your window (which is nice)

Keldy location. Forest holiday

Forest Holidays Keldy location

I have to say the cabin was very clean and tidy and the weekend stay was fantastic, if a little short. You can read my other Forest Holidays – Keldy Cabins – Wasting Time ( and my review for Sherwood Hideaway. The forest holiday site is here

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