Manic Street Preachers, Sea Power & Low Hummer @ Piece Hall, Halifax

First Post Lockdown Gig

My first post lockdown gig was a grand event the Manics, Sea Power and Low Hummer all on the bill in the wonderful setting of Halifax’s Piece Hall. read more

WinUI vs Electron & Blazor Vs Maui

Blazor Icon


This post focuses on some of the current options available for multi-platform software development. Blazor with Maui, WinUI with Webview2 and Electron with Blazor are all considered. Please note that at time of writing Blazor and Maui are currently in preview. read more

The Token obtained from the Token Provider is wrong – Azure Notifications

The Error

“The Token obtained from the Token Provider is wrong”. Working with WinUI3 I came to the conclusion that Azure Notification Hub WNS Raw notification functionality just wasn’t supported yet. But digging deeper this is a genuine issue. Wiring up the Azure notification endpoint/channel successfully I was left scratching my head when sending a test notification from Azure Notification Hub and receiving the following error read more

Return to Keldy. Forest Holiday Review

Forest Holidays Keldy

Having been to Keldy before (my Forest Holiday Keldy review) I was pleasantly surprised when we won a weekend holiday to one of their Forest Holiday locations. Given a choice of where in the UK to go I decided on Keldy as I’d been to this location before and really enjoyed it. read more

Using JMeter With OAuth

Had an interesting battle with JMeter recently. I needed to load test on an authorized endpoint. I’m no expert on JMeter but I have a basic understanding. It didn’t look like retaining a token from an auth request was easily supported in JMeter. So here’s how I did it….. read more