Postman Testing – Chaining Requests From one Request to Another

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The Issue

I’d like to run a full suite of Postman tests are part of a CD pipeline into pre-production to indicate any issues and stopping the deployment of the API further. I’d built up 200+ Postman tests to cover standard CRUD operations on a number of resources. The tests were checking the POST responses for certain eleements returned in the body, 200 responses etc. Similar for PUTS, PATCHES and GETS. However, it would be nice to create a resource then reference this resource across all API operations for that resource. read more

0808 000 0122 – Stop Vodafone Marketing Calls.

I received a call today from 08080000122 claiming to be from Vodafone. Sounded a bit dodgy to be honest and very sales/marketing. I carried out the usual whocalledme lookup and that number does relate to Vodafone. More specifically their marketing arm. So I’m guessing they’ll try and flog me some awesome device that I don’t need. Here’s out to stop the 0808 000 0122 marketing calls and other associated Vodafone markerting… read more

Dave Greenfield – 29th March 1949 – 3rd May 2020

Dave Greenfield RIP. I guess I knew one day I’d be writing this. I think it’s fair to say though I thought that day would be a fair few years from now. Not a great week it has to be said, certainly not a great one for synth, keyboard, piano players. Dave Greenfield, Florian Schneider and Little Richard all gone within a week of each other. read more

Entity Framework Core: A second operation started on this context before a previous operation completed

Working with EF Core across multiple controller services I was receiving the following Entity Framework Core: A second operation started on this context before a previous operation completed. The link for StackOverflow talks about ensuring your dbContext is correctly injected into the ServiceCollection which mine was. A bit of headscratching I was thinking that my foreach loop look fine there was nothing too crazy/costly happening. Then I realised the objects I was looping over hadn’t terminated with a ToList() or similar. Once I added the ToList() the context returned the scope and happy days!

Top 10 Remote Working Essential Gadgets

I’ve been working from home a few years now and here are my Top 10 essential bits of kit to help with remote working. read more