Playwright Infinite Scrolling.

Infinite scroll in Playwright

It’s not achievable “out of the box” to enable playwright infinite scrolling and there seems little in the way of anything online advising how you can enable this in your tests. So, here’s how you can achieve infinite scrolling with Playwright. Fire up Visual Studio and ensure Playwright is installed and get hacking. read more

Hugh Cornwell @ Holmfirth Picturedrome – 25th March 2022

Like every band and artist, dates originally scheduled 2 years ago have been punted back further and further. Tickets yellowing with age as we come out of the pandemic. Seemed like this tour of Hugh’s was originally scheduled a lifetime ago. Strange how he’s promoting his “new album” that came out in 2018 but such is the void of time during the pandemic. read more

The Wickerman Festival 2008

I dunno maybe because it’s near Halloween or maybe because I chanced upon my original post of this on my Stranglers forums today but here’s my original review from 2008 of the Wickerman Festival. Note I gave up the ciggies and meat eating some years go. Anyway over to me 13 years ago….. read more

Manic Street Preachers & Low Hummer Leeds O2 – 7th October 2021

First Indoor Gig Post Lockdown

Arriving at the venue around 7.30 in order to catch the support (Low Hummer) I had some trepidation about my first indoor gig post covid. Would their be a reduction on the audience size? (no), would everyone be wearing masks? (no). I guess there’s a point where you just have to get on with it. At least the door staff were pretty rigorous checking that everyone had been double jabbed or proof of a negative test. Although, I’m not sure if they were as rigorous once the queue size grew more than the 20 people that were walking up at 7.30. Anyway in we go…… read more

Manic Street Preachers @ Piece Hall, Halifax

First Post Lockdown Gig

My first post lockdown gig was a grand event the Manics, Sea Power and Low Hummer all on the bill in the wonderful setting of Halifax’s Piece Hall. read more