TeamCity Build – Excluding Projects From a Solution (sln) file.

As part of a solution I was including the 3rd Party “MVCForum” projects which I didn’t want to build on every commit.  I need to exclude this projects from building in TeamCity.  Steps below…

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Using Deploy Keys with TeamCity and Git

Had a number of TeamCity projects connecting to the Git repo using my user account.  Was thinking I should really request for service accounts to do the connection.  This becomes a pain when I change my user password as I have to remember to go in to TeamCity and Octopus Deploy to update the passwords on anything using my user account. Really bad practice! read more

Octopus Deploy with Team City

Working with one other developer on a greenfield project we had no CI in place. Somehow over the course of a couple of sprints (and mainly off plan) I managed to get TeamCity configured and Octopus deploy to push out the 3 main apps we were building to Dev and 2 Test VMs. read more