British Sea Power / Pictish Trail – Glasgow, The Garage – 17th February 2018

British Sea Power / Mush – Sheffield Leadmill 9th February 2018

British Sea Power – Hebden Bridge Trades Club – 28th July 2017

A wet July day

Off the train at Hebden Bridge at around 7 to be met by a torrent of rain. Dashing down the high street and into the new (?) Vocation pub where we meet up with the usual crew for a rather splendid pre-gig ale.

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British Sea Power – Nouveau Casino, Paris, France 27th May 2017

Sat in the pub opposite the venue before the gig we’re taking on a much needed cool beer in the 30+C heat. A quick visit to the cash machine for more Euros and we’re in the venue getting patted down by security and off we go. read more

British Sea Power @ Birmingham 02 Academy – 13th April 2017

Big smiles as we waltz passed the lines of cheesed off looking Kasabian fans snaking round the corner and up the road from the Birmingham 02 Academy.  We walk straight into the side hall of the Academy (which in itself is a fairly large venue).  On the way in a friendly bouncer looks at us and goes “Ah you here for British Sea Shanties?” with a wry smile on his face. Good effort mate!  I whince as I hand over the £5.10 for a pint of Tubourg!! read more