How to fix briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance error in WordPress

Occasionally, on updating a plugin you might see the ‘Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance’ message in WordPress. This will be visible even if logged in as Admin. As part of the update process a “.maintenance” file is temporary created in the root folder of WordPress. read more

Magic Whiteboards!


What are magic whiteboards you may ask? Well they’re pretty magic. They comprise of tear off white sheets that are statically charged and can stick to just about any wall. read more

Wire @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, 31st January 2020

Brudenell fairly recently turned up the Northern social club vibe by selling pie and mash. Not just any old pie of course but a Pieminister pie. It’s not that unbelievable then when I enter the venue, walk into the lounge to grab a pint I spot the whole band sat around one of the tables getting stuck into a round of pies. There’s a few looks amongst the crowd of “is that Wire eating pie?” and yeah it is. So what. Anyway, I look across a little later and noticed the band apart from Graham have left and the support is on. I decide to check out the support… read more

OData – Create Entity with Child Entities Response with Expand.

The Issue

When creating an entity (with child entities) using POST with OData the response will only show the main Entity created. Child entities are ignored. read more

Azure API Management – Caching


Carried out a discovery phase recently to look at Azure API Management and the key features gained by layering Azure’s API Manager (APIM) as a proxy/facade layer between your backend APIs. One of the elements of APIM that rather appealed to me was the “out of the box” caching. read more