The Damned – Leeds 02 Carling Academy – 30th January 2018

Top 10 Guitar Solos (as of September 2017)

Subject to change at any moment a dose of manflu allows me to indulge in the following during a fit of boredom. Which brings us nicely onto the first entry…

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Don’t You Wish That We Were Dead? – Hyde Park Picturehouse 5th June 2015

Watched the new Damned documentary last night in the beautiful Hyde Park Picturehouse.  Whilst I welcome any documentary on The Damned I have to say it left me a little disappointed.  The documentary lasts just short of 2 hours but it seems to revolve around Rat and Brian and Rat’s money disputes with Sensible.  Dave Vanian barely gets a look in.  I realise with a band with a history like The Damned there’s only so much you can cover but to ignore the Strawberries album seems crazy. read more