Nokia Denim update rolling out to Lumia 920 this evening.

Just received the update.  You’ll need at least 50% power.

Octopus Deploy with Team City

Working with one other developer on a greenfield project we had no CI in place. Somehow over the course of a couple of sprints (and mainly off plan) I managed to get TeamCity configured and Octopus deploy to push out the 3 main apps we were building to Dev and 2 Test VMs. read more

Wire @ Wakefield Unity Hall 20th February 2015

Walking into the venue no one checks our tickets – coulda saved £30 there (only joking of course). read more

Julian Cope @ Leeds Brudenell Social Club 6th February 2015

Caught another Cope gig last night at the legendary Brudenell Social club.  Another sold out gig and as Lammy said business was booming last night for babysitters. read more

Le Tigre – Joseph’s Well, Leeds – Thursday, 30th May 2002

Inspired by watching the “The Punk Singer” documentary.  Thought I’d post my recollection of this gig. read more