Hugh Cornwell & John Cooper Clarke @ Manchester Ritz 03/12/16

Saturday in Manchester had it’s fair share of early Xmas drinkers and a lot of the pubs I usually frequent before a gig were rammed. That said I managed to get sufficient ale and took in a wonderful Tofu dish in Chinatown with my mate Johnny before the gig.

Never been to the Ritz in Manchester and I was surprised on entering just how big it was. Hugh and Johnny Clarke had managed to sell this out (or very close to it) as the place was packed.




An appreciative audience delighted in Hugh and John’s run through of the album. The songs really shined live helped by a great backing band. There’s a genuine friendship between Hugh and John which came across in between songs. Cool bantz guys!.

Great to see Windsor or drums and Phil Andrews on keyboards. There was a couple of chaps stood behind me commenting on Phil. “Who is he? He has luscious hair!” . Once the album was out of the way John went off stage for a ciggie whilst Hugh delighted the crowd to some old Stranglers classics and a couple of solo numbers. Phil providing the Dave Greenfield-esque freakout on Walk on By.


Was good to meet up and chat with Hugh after the gig.


Hugh’s drummer Windsor has to be one of the greatest drummers out there at the moment.


Great also to see Phil Andrews who handed me a copy of his solo album which I will review on here in due course.

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